lineawhite is the only online European distributor of Gidiemmesmile’s products.

Gidiemmesmile is a dynamic company located in Bologna (Italy), majored in professional teeth whitening system, cosmetics and oral care items. 

The R & D Department has been operative in dental and cosmetic sector  for more than 20 years.  Thanks to lineawhite products it can be granted the wish of a self-aesthetic improvement and a greater self-aware athwart a perfect clean and radiant smile. 

Precisely it’s for this reason that some items come up as morewhite, the innovating  door-to-door teeth whitening system and carbonwhite, a special black toothpaste made by activated vegetal charcoal. 

Thanks to excellent result ensuing from more than 10 years of worldwide work experience in dental care, morewhite and carbonwhite are really promising because of their uniqueness, practicalnessand effectiveness. 

The complete and acceptable innovation ‘morewhite’ is based on the functional packaging, which allows its use wherever peoplewant; keeping typical features of the professional product. Indeed, in a few minutes it’s possible to applicate a teeth whitening  gel (with a low percentage [0.1%] of carbamide peroxide) on teeth by using the special brush and end up enlightening the smile by the LED light on the cap. 

The simplicity and the practicalness in its use summed with a real whitening action are the secret of this item. 

The effect is immediate and teeth will appear brightener just after the first application. The daily use of the items will enable to act on smalt, making teeth more white tackling the effect caused by the daily intake of colouring agents and beverage even if natural. 

morewhite is a made in Italy product and it’s corresponding to the agreements and documents of the Council of Europe about whitening cosmetics products.

Thanks to the unique black color and the elegant innovating packaging, carbonwhite allows to overcome the traditional concept of whitening toothpaste, which has been recommended by the most famous companies so far. 

The active substances of the vegetal charcoal and the limo, full of calcium, aid to whitening teeth and making them clean and stroke. The charcoal, thanks to its sorbent power, also ease the change of PH in our mouths , helping to avoid any gingival problems. For an optimal result it’s recommended a daily application using the brush , as we are normally accustomed. 

carbonwhite is a made in Italy product.