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PACKAGE CONTENT: 3 ml little bottle of MOREWHITE teeth whitening gel with brush and LED light.

TEETH WHITENING GEL 3ml. little bottle with brush and LED light


morewhite is a teeth whitening treatment, created to whiten teeth whenever and wherever you want to. morewhite whitening gel is based on a new, faster and more effective application system to give brightness to the smile. The result is obtained through the application of the gel on the teeth with the brush and the use of the blue LED light emanates from the removable cap of the morewhite little bottle that is switched on for every use in order to accelerate the active principles of the gel intensively and immediately, after just one minute.

MOREWHITE complies with the European laws about whitening cosmetic products.


Keep the product out of the reach of children. Avoid any contact of the product with one's eyes. Should it happen, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not use the product for other purposes than those it was created for. Do not ingest.

This type of treatment shall not be applied in case of caries, infiltrated fillings, during orthodontic treatments, on dental veneers, implants, bridges, dentures and, as a precaution, in the two weeks before and after any surgery of the mouth.

Store in a cool dry place. Protect it from heat and light.


Apply only on natural teeth!

For a good result apply Morewhite several times a day.

- It is advised to use Morewhite after having brush the teeth.

- Unscrew the cap with the brush, extract it from the little bottle and switch on the blue LED light on the top of the black cap. It will light the gel up while this is being applied onto the

teeth. Repeat two or three times on the external part of the teeth, both on the superior and the inferior arch.

- Switch off the LED light, screw the cap again into the little bottle.

- Keep follow lighting the teeth just with the blue LED light, extract it from the bottle cap and direct it towards the teeth following the smile line.

- When the application is over, switch off the LED light and put it back again into the bottle cap.

- Remove the gel in excess on the teeth with a handkerchief.

Do not direct the LED light towards the eyes, when it is on.


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